In today’s fast-paced times, consumers are always looking for ways to simplify and put more certainty into their lives. Many Internet and wireless service providers offer unlimited plans for easier predictability. We know that high energy bills can leave customers frustrated, but now thanks to the SteadyLock 12 Plan, residential customers in Alberta can get UNLIMITED electricity or natural gas for one flat monthly price!

Introducing lower SteadyLock 12 pricing tiers!

XOOM Energy now offers additional SteadyLock flat rate price tiers in Alberta that start as low as $19.99 per month!

Existing XOOM Energy customers in Alberta can switch to the SteadyLock 12 Plan at anytime. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Existing SteadyLock 12 customers can switch to a different tier without penalty
  • Existing variable rate customers can switch to the SteadyLock 12 Plan at any time
  • Existing fixed rate customers will have to cancel and pay the Early Termination Fee (ETF) and can then enroll in the SteadyLock 12 Plan

Why SteadyLock 12?

  • Unlimited electricity or gas for one flat monthly price makes budgeting easier
  • Pricing stability for 12 full months and peace of mind regardless of the changes in the seasons or the unpredictability of the weather

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For complete pricing details, visit your ACN Storefront.