Technicians will now Call Customers on Install Date!

We are excited to announce a change in the customer experience and installation process as it relates to High-Speed Internet orders in Cogeco (Ontario).

Effective immediately, technicians will begin to call your customers on the day of install!  This will provide two benefits to both the customer and ACN:

  • A courtesy call to advise the customer that the technician is on his/her way
  • An anticipated reduction in rescheduled appointments, resulting from customers not being present when the technician arrives at the customer’s home

It is important to note that technician will make two attempts to call your customer. If the technician does not reach the customer, the appointment will be rescheduled. Please share this information with your customer as many people do not answer calls from numbers they do not recognize.

Please note that this policy change does not apply to Québec. However, additional initiatives are underway in Quebec and will be rolled out soon.

This important change will allow technicians to complete more installations and reduce missed install appointments. Please be sure to share this new process with your customers so they will know what to expect on the day of install.