December… a time for holiday festivities; colorful lights, delicious foods, ugly sweater parties, and family & friends. It’s a fun, crazy and sometimes hectic time of year. This is also the time of year many of you may be pushing to meet your year-end goals. Don’t panic! There is still time. Here are some things to keep in mind when striving to meet your 2016 goals:

• Ditch the negativity! Don’t listen to the naysayers and don’t buy into the negative talk or gossip.
• Keep focused. See yourself reaching your goals. Perhaps create a vision board or inspire yourself daily with positive quotes.
• Sell ACN products with integrity – no promises or guarantee of savings.
• Promote the opportunity truthfully – no get-rich-quick schemes. This business is not easy or simple. It takes hard work, diligence and sacrifice and some people will make no money at all.
• No cash or money incentives are permitted as a method of influencing customer acquisition.
• Push product benefits, rather than features.
• Explain “free” and “unlimited” claims. Don’t unintentionally mislead someone because you didn’t provide the full details.
• No customer stacking (placing a customer under a downline IBO other than yourself).
• Try not to get overwhelmed. Ask for support. Remember, you aren’t alone. “In business for yourself, but not by yourself.”
• Own It! Make the goal yours, not someone else’s. A goal won’t happen if it’s not yours. So, dream big, set realistic timelines and take the steps necessary to achieve them. You’ll be thrilled with what you can do and inspired to keep the momentum going in 2017!

We wish you the best at reaching your goals for 2016 and hope you have a fabulous holiday season!

If you have any questions about this or any of our policies, please contact the Business Ethics Department at We are here to help you.


We’ve been seeing more customer accounts that contain IBO information. Please remember that IBO data (i.e., email, phone number, address) should never appear on a customer’s account. Also, customers are to sign-up for services on their own volition. IBOs should not be enrolling on behalf of any customer.

Pro-Tip: Pick up the phone! Call previous prospects who have been putting you off. Remind customers that you welcome referrals. Set appointments for January to give yourself a head start into 2017. You may find last minute opportunities!