When speaking with your customers it is important to determine what type energy plan would best fit their needs. This starts with understanding what types of plans XOOM Energy offers. Explaining the different plan options and their benefits can help ease any concerns customers may have about selecting an energy plan and making the switch to XOOM Energy easy and simple. It is important for your customers to review all plans available to them and then decide which one is the right fit for them.

Benefits of a Fixed Price Energy Plan:

Fixed price energy plans offer customers peace of mind and pricing stability. For customers who are more budget conscious, a fixed price energy plan might be the best option. Some key benefits for fixed price energy plans include:

– Ability to lock in a price for the full length of their plan, with a price that never changes

– Protection from the uncertainty that comes with their energy bills, especially during times of extreme weather when usage may increase

Benefits of a Variable Price Energy Plan:

Variable price energy plans offer customers flexibility with the freedom to change their plan at their convenience without the penalty of a cost recovery fee. In times where energy prices might fall, customers who keep up with the market might find a variable price energy plan the best fit, while knowing that if energy prices increase, they can always switch to a fixed price plan with no penalty. Some key benefits for variable price energy plans include:

– No long-term commitment and no cost recovery fees

– Ability to switch to a fixed price energy plan at any time

Note: Variable plan pricing is based on wholesale price. Variable plan pricing may increase in periods of high or low temperatures and/or higher demand, which could cause customers on a variable price plan to see higher energy bills during these times.

Now that you’re equipped with this information, helping your customers make the switch to XOOM Energy is even easier! And don’t forget, during the month of February, you can earn up to $600* when you acquire XOOM Energy customers! Click HERE to learn more.

*Residential, small business, and multi-location customers apply. Big Business accounts are not eligible. Customers must be active and service must be flowing by 4/15. ACN reserves the right to retract bonuses for customers who flow less than 1 month.