Did you know that you could have a new account up and running in less than a week?

There are 3 simple ways that lead to a speedy victory:

  1. Submit the lead on the spot! If you are with the merchant at their place of business, pull up the Anovia site from your ACN Storefront, click ‘Explore Your Options,’ and then ‘Request a Custom Proposal’. It’s so easy!
  2. Collect a merchant processing statement while you’re standing with the merchant. A merchant is more likely to give their statement to someone they know, in person, compared to someone they don’t know, over the phone. Simply ask for their previous processing statement as part of your conversation. This is a sure way to speed things up!
  3. Stay in Touch: It’s important to see your lead through ‘til the end! Anovia will work diligently to gather information to get the lead activated, but they might need your help. Be present with Anovia and the merchant to ensure that you get your points and residual!