Let customers pay how they want to pay on the Clover Flex POS solution. This solution accepts magstripe, chip cards, and NFC payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

First Data has recently phased out Mobile Pay Plus, but Clover Flex is an even bigger and better solution, and the perfect tool for accepting payments from your customers – anytime, anywhere!

Merchants can replace their cash register, terminal, and bulky printer with a single compact device for everything their business needs.

With Clover Flex, you can:

– Categorize, label, and modify your inventory to keep you organized

– Monitor your key sales information and compare your sales each day by benchmarking with past stored data

– Create a fun and effective loyalty program and turn customers into repeat customers

– Store customer information so you can engage your customers easily and efficiently

– Look for merchants who could benefit from this robust solution and submit your leads today!