How would you like to know each month exactly what you are paying for your electricity or natural gas regardless of how much energy you consume? With XOOM Energy’s new Flat Rate Plan, SteadyLock 12, now customers in Alberta can!

With the SteadyLock 12 Plan, customers get unlimited electricity and natural gas for one flat monthly price of $49.99. Worry less each month when you lock in your rate for 12 full months. Available NOW in all Alberta markets for qualified customers*.

There is no better time to add XOOM Energy to your ACN business in Alberta! Use this exciting addition to our service offerings from XOOM Energy to reach out to all your potential customers. Then take it one step further and share with your friends and family how they too can get paid off the bills customers pay every month.

*Available to new customers only whose previous 12 months usage was less than 150 GJ. All enrollments are subject to a review of customer’s historical usage to determine eligibility