After customers in Ontario have submitted their enrollment for service, there is just one final step remaining – they will be contacted by a third party (Sales Verification Co.) via email, text message and/or phone call to verify their enrollment. To make the process simple and quick, we have  outlined below what you or your customer should expect during the process.

Please note that the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) requires that any customer enrolling with an energy supplier, such as XOOM Energy, complete a Third Party Verification.  

Step 1:  Customer submits their enrollment via the XOOM Energy website.
Step 2:  After the required 10-day cooling off period, the customer will be contacted by a third party via email, text message and/or phone call to verify their enrollment.
Step 3:  Customer completes the third-party verification process

  1. NEW! Online:  Simply click on the link provided in the email or text message.  Adhere to the statements listed and digitally sign the order.  This process will only take a few minutes to complete!
  2. By Phone:  Have the Confirmation Number provided in the email or text message available and call 844-683-7386 to complete the process.  Please note that this can take up to 10 minutes to complete.

Step 4:  Once the TPV process is completed, your enrollment will be submitted to the utility putting you one step closer to becoming a XOOM Energy customer!

Please keep the following in mind when completing the TPV process:

  1. The verification process cannot begin until 10 days after you have enrolled with XOOM Energy ONT, ULC (“XOOM Energy”). If you do not receive an email or text message after 10 days, please call 844-683-7386 to verify your enrollment.
  2. The online process only takes a few minutes to complete.  In verifying via phone, please allow up to 10 minutes to complete the TPV process.
  3. If you enrolled in both natural gas and electricity, you will have to complete a set of questions for each commodity. (These questions will be completed on the same phone call if completing via phone. You will need the confirmation number provided in the text message and/or email in order to begin the process.)