IBOs, don’t miss out on the opportunity to earn up to $600* when you acquire XOOM Energy Customers.

      – Receive $200 when you acquire 5-9 customers

      – Receive $600 when you acquire 10+ customers

It’s that simple! Hurry, only one week left to take advantage of this $600* bonus promo! For complete details, review the February Bonus documents.

And don’t forget, if you live in a XOOM energy market, you can take advantage of XOOM Energy’s Power Your Home promotion! With the Power Your Home promotion, IBOs who are XOOM Energy Residential Customers can get their own XOOM Energy service for FREE** when they acquire and maintain 10 qualifying customers! Any U.S. or Canada XOOM Energy customer of the same service (gas or electric) can be used towards the promotion.

*Residential, small business, and multi-location customers apply. Big Business accounts are not eligible. Customers must be active and service must be flowing by 3/15. ACN reserves the right to retract bonuses for customers who flow less than 1 month.
**Subject to terms and conditions. Payment on bill required. Promotion award applied through rebate reward card. Excludes taxes, surcharges, past due fees, and any local utility charges.