Anovia Payments

Did you know that it now only takes 14 days from a lead submission to activated account with Anovia?

Get started today with this simple process:

With the merchant at their place of business?
While with the merchant, pull up the Anovia site from your ACN Storefront and submit the lead by:

Simply click to call or chat
with an Anovia Account Executive. It’s so easy! Anovia Account Executives can quickly gather the merchant’s information over the phone to create a custom proposal.


Click Online Sign Up
Submit the merchant’s contact information for a custom proposal. An Anovia Account Executive will reach out to them within 1-2 days.


Click Online Sign Up
Pick plans and products if the merchant is ready to go right then! They will fill out a full application and an Anovia Account Executive will reach out to finish the process.

Did you visit the merchant and didn’t get a chance to fill out the form with them?
No problem! Just gather the business owner’s name, phone, email and the best time for us to contact them and give us a call with the information or submit the Request a Custom Proposal form online on your own. We do the hard work!

What can help to speed up your lead?

Include the processing statement! When submitting the lead online with Request a Custom Proposal, upload the merchant’s last month’s processing statement, if possible.

Anovia Account Executives can still work the lead without a merchant statement, but if they receive the statement with the original lead, it greatly decreases the time it takes for the lead to become an approved account (ONLY 14 days!).