With summer being well behind us, most families have now settled back into the routine of work and school. With that, many working parents are concerned about the safety of their kids when home alone before and after school. But thanks to Vivint’s smart home system, parents can breathe easy knowing that the innovative technology allows them to keep a constant eye on their home and children.

Here are some of the unique features of the smart home system:

      – Video Doorbell Camera-The doorbell camera can detect when someone is approaching the door, capture live feed and send you a notification through the mobile app so that you can see for yourself.

      – Smart Lock Keypad-The Smart Lock Keypad allows you to assign unique codes to each child and sends a notification directly to your phone the moment the code is entered, letting you know exactly who entered the code and when. Plus, you can set the door to lock automatically just minutes after it closes.  

      – Ping Camera- Once your children are inside the home, you can continue monitoring them with the indoor Ping camera which provides a live feed and two-way talk functionality through the mobile app.

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