Reliance Water Heaters

Now you and your customers can save money on your energy bill and increase energy efficiency in your home by renting a high-efficiency water heater from Reliance Home Comfort. Reliance water heaters are available in Ontario and Alberta (Calgary and Edmonton) for residential customers.

Why Reliance?

  • No upfront equipment cost
  • FREE standard installation
  • Rent a high-efficiency water heater & service/repairs are included in your rental fee!
  • Sign up today and make no monthly payments for 3 months!
  • Customer service 24/7
  • PLUS… Each new customer is worth 2 CUSTOMER POINTS!

Does your customer want to be truly energy efficient in their home water usage?
Rent a tankless water heater and only heat the water you need, versus the entire tank! On-demand hot water, using a method that is better for the environment and easier on your wallet.

Advantages of a Tankless Water Heater over a Conventional Water Heater:

  • An endless flow of hot water when you need it
  • Energy efficiency, to reduce your utility costs
  • Compact size, which saves space
  • Environmentally friendly

PRO TIP: Reliance Water Heaters make the perfect add on for your XOOM Energy Ontario and Alberta residential customers. Help your customers save money today!

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