What is a Smart Terminal?

There is no doubt that credit card processing has come a long way. Remember those early machines where you created a carbon copy of a customer’s credit card? We’ve definitely come a long way. Not only have companies obviously progressed to powered terminals but now we have introduced the Smart Terminal.

So, what exactly is a smart terminal, what does it do, and how can it benefit business owners?

Think about smart terminals exactly like the smart phone. What makes a smart phone “smart” is the phone’s access to the internet and applications. In the same way, a smart terminal gives business owners access to applications that can help grow their business beyond processing a simple credit card transaction.

The most popular applications for smart terminals offer tools to energize a business with inventory management, employee time management, loyalty programs, shift scheduling, appointment scheduling and so much more.

Sphere’s Talech ELO and Poynt 5 are incredible smart terminal solutions for business owners and can help grow their revenue stream and their customer base! For more information see each device below.