Now May Be the Time to Switch XOOM Energy Customers To A Fixed Rate Energy Plan

Attention IBOs! Extreme cold weather has been predicted to affect many XOOM Energy customers in central and northeastern United States. Bitterly cold temperatures are expected to be 10 to 25 degrees below normal for this time of year. With the severe drop in temperatures, it is likely your XOOM Energy customers will be turning up the heat in their homes to stay warm and comfortable. With the increase in usage, your customers can expect to see higher energy bills.  

If your customer is currently on a XOOM Energy variable rate plan, now may be the time to review with them their options and decide whether a fixed rate plan best meets their current needs. Variable rates are based on wholesale market pricing, and in periods of high or low temperatures, customers on these plans will experience higher-than-normal rates on incoming energy bills. Customers on a fixed rate energy plan enjoy stability with a rate that is locked-in for the duration of their contract, regardless of changes in the weather.

Start talking to your customers about the benefits of XOOM Energy today!