Anovia Payments

A qualified lead is a merchant NOT on our restricted list. The most commonly restricted merchants by our Sponsor Bank are:

  • Credit Repair
  • Travel Agency
  • Online Pharmacy
  • Marijuana Dispensary
  • Nutraceuticals (lotions, potions, supplements)

Instead, focus on small to medium-sized local businesses such as restaurants, nail/hair salons, doctor offices, contractors, automotive services, etc.

  • Merchant does NOT need to be currently processing credit cards – CAN be a new business!
  • Processing Statement is NOT required to submit lead – submit the lead with just their contact information instead!

How to submit the lead?

Call or Chat with an Anovia Account Executive


Submit a lead online through your ACN Storefront:

  • Click ‘Explore Your Options’
  • And then click ‘Request a Custom Proposal’ to submit the lead