XOOM Energy is excited to announce that our Accreditation Training is now more streamlined and easier to use – creating a more efficient and effective training experience for IBOs.

The Accreditation Training is now one video and no longer a series of chapters, which allows for the training to be completed in nearly half the time!  Simply visit acn.xoomenergyhub.com to get started!

In addition to streamlining the training, there’s a new requirement for anyone who plans to refer customers to XOOM Energy in Illinois. These changes are new regulatory requirements sent down by the state of Illinois that requires re-accreditation training every 6 months.

All IBOs must complete this re-accreditation process in order to refer customers in Illinois. Illinois customers will be unable to enroll under a non-re-accredited IBO.

You can retake the training by logging into to the XOOM Energy training site at   acn.xoomenergyhub.com.

In order to continue to refer customers in Illinois in the future, you will need to complete the Accreditation Training every six months. For example, if you complete the updated training on December 15th, 2019, you will need to complete the training again by June 15th, 2019.   You will receive an email 10 days prior to your accreditation expiration date, reminding you to review the training video again. 

–> Please note, IBOs who plan to refer customers in Canada still need to access the Canadian training at acn.xoomenergytraining.com