ACN Outage
ACN’s North America network is experiencing connectivity issues that will take a while to restore. It is affecting multiple systems that support our IBOs, customers and the ACN call center.   

ACN will ensure there are no impacts to Customer Acquisition Bonuses or bonus qualifications.  We apologize for the inconvenience and will notify you when these systems are available. Thank you for your patience. 

For a complete list of systems impacted, see below.


Systems currently available  

  • and all order portals (except Flash High Speed and Digital Phone Service)
  • IBO Storefronts
  • Quinn, virtual agent support



Systems not available


  • IBO Business Support Systems:
    • Online IBO Enrollments for all Countries
    • IBO Back Office
    • Back Office Report Center & Content
    • Personal Customer List
    • ACN gameON Event Registrations


  • North America Customer Order & Self-Service Applications:
    • Flash Services Ordering – Digital Phone Service, High Speed Internet


  • ACN Call Center Online Systems
    • Support will be limited as the call center support systems are impacted and offline.