How to Get Seamless Flash Services Sales

Use these online tools to keep your Flash Services sales seamless!  There are plenty of great resources available to you on the Flash Services ACN Compass page! Get the information you need to help you be successful and grow your business with Flash Services.  […]

2022-07-07T07:44:26-04:00October 14, 2021|

Switching Your Customers to XOOM Energy Just Got Easier with Freedom2Connect

Switching your customers who are currently enrolled with another energy provider just got easier with Freedom2Connect from XOOM Energy. For new residential customers who switch to XOOM Energy,  XOOM Energy will cover their early termination fees […]

2022-07-07T07:44:27-04:00October 12, 2021|

New Modem Update from Flash Services

Flash Services is testing a new cable modem, the CBN CD8000, for customers that qualify for a warranty replacement in Rogers territory.  The CD8000 is a DOCSIS 3.1 Data Modem with 2 Ethernet Ports, of which Port 1 will be used to supply the Internet connection to the customer. […]

2022-07-07T07:44:28-04:00September 22, 2021|

What Sets Flash Services Apart from the Rest?

Easier is always better! Now with Flash Services, your home communications services are all in one place. Flash Services has partnered with top brands and carriers in your area to deliver exceptional choices for you. Enjoy customized internet and Home Phone bundles with no activation & installation fees! […]

2022-07-07T07:44:30-04:00September 16, 2021|

Control Your Fluent Smart Home System From Anywhere

The Fluent Smart Home App The Fluent Home mobile app lets you remotely control your smart security and home automation devices. The app extends the capabilities and convenience of the Control Panel to the palm of your hand, giving you remote control from virtually anywhere. […]

2022-07-07T07:44:35-04:00August 27, 2021|

Your Top Targets for Merchant Services

Merchant services, or payment processing, is something that you, or consumers in general, use every day—every time they swipe, dip or tap their credit card. That means, every time you reach for your wallet, you could be standing in front of an opportunity to talk about Sphere and help a business owner save money on their credit card processing fees!  […]

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Discounts, deals, and prizes available with XOOM Xtras

XOOM Xtras is XOOM Energy’s interactive rewards program where customers can earn points for managing their account, learning about energy-saving tips, and having fun and playing games at the XOOM Xtras website. These points can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise, donate for social good, and much more! […]

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Check Out These Great Perks of Using Flash Services

Get Flash Services Easier is better! With Flash Services, your home communications services are all in one place. We’ve partnered with top carriers in your area to deliver exceptional choices for you. As a new customer, you get: […]

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The Amazing IDSeal Titan Features

IDSeal Titan Features by Platform IDSeal Titan has a wide range of amazing features to help protect you from digital threats. Depending on the device being used, you will have access to different features from IDSeal Titan that will help keep your information secure. […]

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Build Your Business with IDSeal Titan

Get Device Protection with IDSeal Titan These ACN IBOs know the power of IDSeal Titan! Check out these IDSeal Titan Testimonials from RD Terri Matton, RVP Kevin Engle, & SVP Peter Sallaway. Learn from these ACN leaders on why IDSeal Titan is a leader in digital privacy protection and how you can use it to build your business.

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Simple and Smart Ways to Work with Sphere

 Dos and Don’ts of Acquiring Customers, and more.   Next, check out the Quick Start Sale Guide on how to submit a lead in 3 easy steps. All you need to do is send in the lead and leave the heavy lifting to Sphere.Today’s merchants are taking payments online, in person, on smart phones in order to make the customer experience convenient. There’s a lot that goes in to payment processing but working with Sphere couldn’t be easier. As an IBO, you can start by visiting the Services & Product Playlist on ACN’s Youtube channel! You will find information on How [...]

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