The Refer-A-Friend Program From Flash Services

The Flash Services Refer-a-Friend program is a unique referral program designed to reward customers with FREE* Flash Internet and Bundled services – simply by referring Flash Services to friends and family! When you refer 5 of your friends to Flash Internet, you can receive your services for absolutely no cost! This is another great way Flash Services is helping you save money!

Follow these 4 simple steps to get your service for FREE:

  1. Sign Up for your own Flash Internet or Flash Internet + Home Phone Service
  2. Flag your Flash Services account on your Personal Customer List
  3. Spread the word about your service to potential customers.
  4. Enroll 5+ customers with Flash Services


It’s that simple! Your service is FREE month after month for as long as your referred customers stay with Flash Services!

Refer-a-Friend Program for IBOs Refer-a-Friend Program for Customers

*Stand-alone Flash Home Phone Service not applicable for Refer-a-Friend program.  See program
terms and conditions for complete details.