Best Practices for Selling Sphere Payment Processing Solutions 

Selling Sphere payment processing solutions doesn’t have to be complicated. Sphere has created a handy sales booklet with best practices to be your guide. This booklet is jam-packed with useful tips including: 

  • The benefits of Sphere processing solutions 
  • Simple ice breakers to kick off conversations 
  • 3 steps to submit a lead  
  • And more! 

Simply download, print, and staple the PDF booklet from the Sphere ACN Compass page and keep it with you wherever you go! You never know when an opportunity will arise.  


Great Ways to Build Your Business 

To get the best results in your sales efforts, here are some tips: 

Contact the Decision Maker
When you approach a business, whether you are close friends or a patron of the business, it’s important to make sure you are connecting with a decision maker.  

 Connect with a Sphere Expert
Sphere’s Account Executives are experienced in payment processing. When you submit leads to Sphere, they work with every business’s unique needs and find the best solution. As the IBO, simply connect your lead with an expert that can help.  

Leverage Your Relationship to Close the Deal
Sphere’s most valuable asset is IBO’s close relationship with business owners. We give each business you refer our personal attention and your influence and guidance through the process can make a difference in the business’ decision.  

Don’t Forget the Merchant 
Sphere cares about merchant relationships. For the loyalty of processing with Sphere for one year, we offer qualifying merchants a $100 processing credit in their anniversary month. (Terms and conditions apply) This program will apply on the merchant’s anniversary date, each year, for as long as they process with Sphere and meet the processing criteria. 


Whether you have a quick question or would like to schedule a training, Sphere’s team is here to help. To learn more, speak to your account executive or call 1-855-426-6842.