Check out Sphere’s latest device offering!

The SwipeSimple POS SaaS is a full-featured, next-generation Smart Tablet POS System for Countertop, Instore mobile Businesses, or Mobile. 

Countertop can swivel 180 degrees for sign-on screen, with optional base. Features an 8” high-resolution LCD color touch screen, finger-print authentication/login, Scanner/Camera, Metal Keys. Connection support includes a Wi-Fi Router or 4G LTE Mobile and accepts EMV, Magstripe, Contactless/Mobile Wallets, PIN Debit & QR Codes.  

This terminal is ideal for these markets:  

  • Retail 
  • Restaurant 
  • Quick Serve 
  • Food Truck 
  • Market/C-Store 
  • Professional 
  • Automotive 
  • Multi Lane  


Out With the Old, In with the New 

As you gear up for a strong start to 2022, make sure to reach for Sphere’s newest collateral and sales tools! Check out the following on ACN Compass: 

  • IBO FAQ in English, Spanish and French 
  • Lead Referral cards  
  • Helpful Tools handout 
  • IBO Selling booklet, and much more 


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