Logging into Netflix, paying your bills online, and scrolling through social media seems harmless, right? Unfortunately, any sort of saved login credentials can lead cybercriminals to the information that can impact you the most.

We’re living in a digital age where almost everything that we do is on a desktop, laptop, or smartphone. Each of these devices gives us the ability to access any sort of account that we could desire. Many of us will store our login information for ease of use, but without encrypting those login credentials, cybercriminals can easily access that information.  

This is why IDSeal Titan includes a Login Encryption & Password Vault in our device protection suite. IDSeal Titan scans your device with the click of a button. It identifies any sort of login information that is found on your device, then gives you the option to either delete the login credentials or move them to your personal vault by encrypting them.  

Don’t let something as simple as logging in to watch a season premiere set you back. Subscribe to IDSeal Titan today.