3 Reasons for Merchants to Switch Payment Processing Providers 

Merchant processing is an essential part of doing business, but not all providers are the same. Here are three reasons merchants should consider switching: 

  1. Current rates are expensive: with Sphere, merchants receive a free cost comparison. Often, Sphere can save merchants 15-20% on payment processing. 
  2. More ways for customers to pay: Easy ways for customers to pay is a big part of customer satisfaction. From affordable terminals to mobile solutions, Sphere can meet merchants’ needs. 
  3. Customer service: If a merchant isn’t getting the care and support they need from their provider, making the switch can just makes sense.  


Introducing PayWithIt® POS 

Take payments wherever your customers are! PayWithIt® POS is a great solution for taking payments on the go. From the convenience of a mobile device, merchants can securely capture payments via manual entry, EMV, encrypted card swipe, or contactless (NFC) and text or email receipts with signatures. PayWithIt POS is perfect for: 

  • In-home service providers 
  • Fundraising events 
  • Catering 
  • Food trucks  
  • Salons 
  • And many other businesses 


Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to ask! That’s what Sphere is here for! To learn more, speak to your account executive or call 1-855-426-6842.