With XOOM Energy, you can build your business in a powerful way with these 3 essential tips to start getting connected with XOOM Energy. 

Become Your Own Customer 

Experiencing for yourself the benefits of being a XOOM Energy customer is the most compelling testimonial you can offer your customers with the extra benefit of being compensated by ACN. 

If you live in an energy choice market serviced by XOOM Energy, you don’t need to be accredited to become your own customer. Just visit acn.xoomenergy.com to enroll as your first XOOM Energy customer. Don’t forget to include your IBO Business ID.


Get Accredited 

To start referring your customers to XOOM Energy you will need to complete the XOOM Energy Accreditation Training by visiting acn.xoomenergyhub.com/en/accreditation. 

Once you complete this training, you’ll take a short Accreditation Questionnaire. Then, you’ll agree to all terms within the XOOM Energy Code of Conduct. Finally, if you plan to refer customers in Delaware, New York, Rhode Island, or Ohio, you’ll need to create a XOOM Energy badge, which you can do during the accreditation process.


Helping You Power What Matters the Most

At XOOM Energy, we are all about connecting you, your friends, and your family with the energy everyone needs, along with a variety of energy plans and dedicated service everyone wants. 

Switching to XOOM Energy is simple and seamless and takes less than 5 minutes. When your customers choose XOOM Energy you can be confident they have chosen a dependable energy provider that strives each day to help our customers power what matters the most!


Help Power Your Business with the XOOM Energy Sales Guide 

Build your business in the most powerful way when you refer customers to XOOM Energy.  Find all the knowledge you need with the XOOM Energy Sales Guide.  The XOOM Energy Sales Guide includes information on service areas, energy plan options, features, benefits, common questions and objections, best practices, and much more. 

Click here to view the XOOM Energy Sales Guide