How to Submit a Lead 101

Submitting a lead with Sphere couldn’t be simpler. Just follow these three steps and Sphere will take it from there!

  1.     Submit an Online Referral – Provide contact details, tell Sphere about their business, and provide a most recent merchant statement.
  2.     Get a Tailored Quote – The customer will chat with their assigned Sphere representative, receive a tailored quote, discuss offers, and receive answers to any questions.
  3.     Make the Switch! – The customer signs with Sphere and choose the configuration that best meets their needs.

Here’s a handy flyer to keep on hand for reference. 

The Sphere Journey


New! Print on Demand Referral Cards

Sphere is always expanding their library of marketing collateral to help IBOs grow! Their newest addition is a custom lead referral card that you can complete and leave with your prospect for easy follow-up. Take a look and order yours today! 

Referral Cards


3 Top Questions Answered

What motivates a Sphere Account Manager? Teaming up with IBOs to help drive their success! In daily conversations, Sphere fields lots of great questions! We hope these answers will help you as well!

  1.       What if my client owns multiple businesses? Perfect. Submit a lead for each business.
  2.       What if my merchant is with their Bank? Don’t worry! Sphere can deposit/settle funds into any bank checking account.
  3.       My merchant doesn’t want to change terminals. Can Sphere work with the merchant’s equipment? We always do our best to work with existing equipment. We have over several compatible solutions ranging from terminals, both stationary and wireless, web-based gateways, and point-of-sale integrations.


Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to ask! That’s what our team is here for! To learn more, speak to your account executive or call 1-855-426-6842.