The threat of cybercrime is real and can result in devastating consequences for its victims, including financial losses, loss of access to data, and personal attacks that cause chaos and distress. IDSeal Titan can help keep your data protected and your devices safe from digital threats, even the threats that you’re not even aware of. There are always threats to your personal information and IDSeal Titan is there for you so you don’t have to worry about your information being vulnerable. 


The 7 Most Common Ways Thieves Try to Steal Data*  

  • Hacking connectivity (e.g. wi-fi)  
  • Malware  
  • Browsing trackers & ads  
  • Digital fingerprint  
  • Swiping sensitive documents  
  • Fake websites  
  • Eavesdropping via webcam & microphone 


*Cybersecurity Ventures, November 2020