Digital Payments Are Popular!

Did you know, 43% of small and mid-size businesses view digital payments as more important to their operations now than ever before, according to a survey from the Electronic Transactions Association and The Strawhecker Group. Of those surveyed, 34% said they are seeing an increase in contactless payments.

Sphere offers solutions for all Point-of-Sale environments, whether the customer already accepts credit cards or are looking to start, including the following, many of which include Contactless processing:

  • In person: The merchant owns a storefront business with a POS system or countertop terminal
  • Over the phone/key entered: The merchant is manually key entering transactions and credit card information
  • Mobile: The merchant wants the ability to process payments anytime/anywhere
  • Online: The Merchant wants to sell products and services directly on their website 


Have a merchant interested in Sphere?

It all starts with a Processing Statement! Providing a merchant statement with the lead expedites the sales process and enables the Sphere Account Executive to tailor a side-by-side cost comparison. This comparison will provide the merchant with a transparent offer that highlights potential savings. The statement also allows Sphere to confirm the monthly processing volume to ensure IBOs receive the appropriate points, and it will speed up the approval process.

No statement, no worries!

If the merchant does not have a statement or doesn’t want to submit it, don’t worry! It’s no problem. Sphere can still provide a quote without a statement. Customers should submit their information, monthly processing volume, and average transaction amounts and number of transactions in a given month. If the customer uses Square, they should provide a screenshot of the dashboard. Sphere will review current rates and fees, assess the savings, and offer pricing on the first call. 


Closing the Lead like an Expert

Ever wonder what happens after you submit a lead? The Sphere team is here to guide the lead from referral to activation as smoothly and quickly as possible. Here’s how they do it:

  1. Sales process – Sphere chat with your merchant and offer a cost comparison to show the greatest savings.
  2. Proposal accepted and application signed – Merchant provides the required documents, signs the application, and returns it to the Sphere team.
  3. Application review and approval process – A credit assessment is performed and the underwriting process begins.
  4. Installation and activation – Once approved, the merchant receives an email with a welcome kit and is contacted for installation. A merchant is considered activated after their first transaction and settlement for the day.



That’s it! So, where do you come in? Sphere will keep IBOs posted along the way and is here to answer any questions you may have. Sphere may on occasion need to ask for your help and together will bring the merchant all the way to activation!