Welcomed Advice from the Privacy Advisor

Mobile devices are great for providing directions for where we need to go, convenient shopping without ever leaving our couch, limitless entertainment options at our fingertips, and more! Each application that we use has a different set of privacy and permission settings, but some applications ask for more than others.

With a total of more than 290 million smartphone users in the US (133 million of which being Android users*), it’s important to be familiar with application permissions and any increased privacy risks.

Which permissions are high-risk, and what information are you comfortable sharing with applications? If you are an Android user, this one’s for you! IDSeal Pro-Tec includes an Android-exclusive feature called Privacy Advisor, which evaluates the permissions on your device then categorizes them based on risk level, either High Risk or Standard Risk.

IDSeal Pro-Tec will even provide a risk score for each application, listing the risk level and associated permissions that you may not be aware of. It will even make recommendations regarding these settings to improve your privacy.

This is an especially important feature for Android users because Android operating systems are considered open source while Apple’s iOS products are considered closed source. Simply put: Android users end up with more options for customization of their devices, which also open more opportunities for the device to be at risk. That’s not to say iOS is not at risk, but purely by nature of the operating system, Android devices do present more opportunities for risks.

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It is not possible to prevent all identity theft or cybercrime, or to effectively monitor all activity on the internet. IDSeal cannot and does not guarantee complete protection against cybercrime or identity theft. IDSeal does not monitor the activities of all financial institutions, or all activities of any particular financial institution.
 IDSeal Pro-Tec provides tools and resources to protect your data and identity, but no one can prevent all cybercrime or identity theft. Your own efforts are important to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information.