With the rising cost of electricity and natural gas throughout the U.S. and Canada, customers may have questions about how they can make sure they are prepared and choosing the right energy plans to navigate the ever-volatile energy market. Here are some ways you can help provide guidance for new and existing energy customers.

  • Stay connected to the current Favorable Markets from XOOM Energy that is posted each month on ACN Compass with a listing of markets with current favorable plan offerings.
  • If you are referring a new customer, explaining the benefits of enrolling on a fixed-price energy plan is important. These benefits include.
    • Locking in a fixed price for their electricity and natural gas for the duration of their plan
    • Peace of mind with a fixed price that never changes regardless of what happens in the energy market or changes in the weather
    • Stability of knowing the price for their electricity and natural gas is locked-in for the duration of their plan and avoiding the uncertainty that customers have come to expect of their monthly energy bills
  •  If you have active energy customers who are on month-to-month variable plan they should consider upgrading to a fixed-price plan to take advantage of the benefits listed above.
    • Month-to-month variable plan customers can visit their MyAccount U.S. or MyAccount Canada to upgrade their plan.
    • To upgrade, they will need to enter their utility account number and the email address currently associated with their account.
  • Customers who are coming up for renewal in California, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington D.C. will be placed onto a month-to-month variable plan unless they actively renew to a fixed-price plan. Be sure to reach out to these customers as their renewal timeframes come open and encourage them to renew to a fixed-price plan to avoid a potential price increase on their monthly bills once their plan expires.
  •  New and existing XOOM Energy customers should consider taking advantage of several programs available including:
    • Budget Billing: Customers in select markets can enroll on a Budget Billing plan designed to provide predictable billing by equalizing payments over the course of several months. Find Budget Billing eligibility and requirements at the links below.
    • Average Monthly Billing: Customers in Texas can enroll on Average Monthly Billing to help manage their monthly electricity budget by allowing them to pay an averaged amount every month
    • Auto Bill Pay/Pre-Authorized Payment: Customers in Alberta, California (SDGE and SoCal Gas), Georgia and Texas can enroll on Auto Bill Pay and have their monthly energy bill automatically paid every month and avoid any late fees that may occur with forgetting to pay a bill. Customers in Canada can enroll on Pre-Authorized Payment.

To enroll, customers log in to their account and choose Auto Pay or Pre-Authorized Payment or by contacting Customer Care:

Alberta Customer Care: 866-999-8483
California Customer Care: 888-997-8979
Georgia Customer Care: 855-203-3808
Texas Customer Care: 833-355-XOOM (9666)