We’ve all experienced the frustrating overabundance of advertisements that plague our browsers while we’re on a mission to simply shop, catch up on the news, or book a vacation. Ads load at the top of your page, at the side of your page, then there are pop-ups—you name it, they are trying it! It’s an aggravating price to pay to simply access what you need. Even worse? These web pages will attempt to track your activity any time you visit. Cookies sound nice until the information that they get in return for those cookies compromises your privacy. 

IDSeal Titan provides you with a safer and better browsing experience. The Ad Blocker and Tracking Blocker are just 2 of the 14 features included with IDSeal Titan. With the Ad Blocker activated, you’ll notice that your pages load faster, and your browsing experience is substantially better because you are able to focus on what you set out to do. 

With the Tracking Blocker activated, you can browse confidently, knowing that your browsing activity is truly private and won’t be traded for cookies (we can assure you, no cookie is that delicious.) 


Protect your privacy and browse freely when you purchase IDSeal Titan today!