Success From Home Magazine

Who wouldn’t want to discover they’re only two degrees from someone as successful as the Sharks from Shark Tank?

Steven Payten, a Platinum Regional Vice President from Cleveland, has been with ACN for almost six years along with his wife, Tiffany. He and his team are using SUCCESS From Home magazine with its recognizable cover faces such as the Sharks from Shark Tank to edify ACN’s special edition of SUCCESS From Home magazine.

This new magazine is a great piquing tool for home meetings. Steven and his team have found the magazine gives a clear picture to prospects of what to expect when they join ACN, when the magazine is properly edified.

“There’s a psychology to it,” said Payten. “A lot of the people who we come across aren’t familiar with SUCCESS or SUCCESS From Home Magazine.” Steven’s team has been able to showcase the importance of being featured in this powerful publication at their home meetings and in turn how important it is for ACN to be featured in such a powerful publication, ultimately demonstrating to their home meeting prospects ACN’s integrity.


How to use SUCCESS From Home Magazine as a Piquing Tool

BRING IT OUT | Payten presents SUCCESS From Home and SUCCESS magazines side by side at home meetings. The SUCCESS magazines feature familiar faces, such as TV host Ryan Seacrest, actor Jamie Foxx or the Sharks from Shark Tank.

“It brings more credibility to [SUCCESS From Home magazine],” Payten said.

BOAST IT | Payten then discusses SUCCESS From Home magazine, in which ACN’s Co-Founders are featured on the cover and details the 25-year history inside. He points out that you can pick this edition up at newsstands in Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million.

He then shows the date on the magazine’s spine to show relevance, and then turns to page 80 for his profile, further edifying himself and his team.

“Of course, we give a copy to every single person so they can read the story later,” Payten said. “We then move forward with the home meeting, but that is how we’ve been starting. That’s our strategy [since the new magazine was released].”

BRING IT HOME | ACN isn’t the only network marketing company in town. People will want to know how ACN is different and having an entire issue of SUCCESS From Home magazine dedicated to the company sets ACN apart.

Others can offer travel trips and incentives, but how many can demonstrate a successful path that rewards hard work with universal recognition?

“The business can speak for itself,” Payten said. “The credibility of the business really speaks volumes and allows you to have better posture to not have to try too hard to sell it or push it.”

Independent Business Owners know their prospects best. Methods such as Payten’s are created out of an understanding of where prospects are now, and where they want to be.