No Impact to Existing Customers, IBO Commissions, or Qualifications

ACN continues to focus on products and services that benefit our IBOs, customers, and our business. We are making a small change to ACN DigitalTalk® Express in both the U.S. and Canada. ACN will now offer a single equipment option for business customers with up to 4 voice lines – ACN’s 4-Port Phone Adapter. This will provide your customers with the convenience of using their existing phone equipment in combination with ACN’s 4-Port Phone Adapter. This adapter converts calls on a traditional phone network and enables them to be carried over the Internet – offering convenience and cost-savings all at the same time! This change also simplifies the product offering and ordering experience for your customers!

There is no impact to existing customers, IBO Commissions, or Qualifications. Effective September 6, 2018, ACN will no longer offer new customers the option of either Panasonic Phone System. New ACN DigitalTalk® Express business customers will be required to purchase the 4-port phone adapter for connection with their existing business phone equipment.