Winter is almost here! Start by getting your customers prepared with a Vivint Smart Home! And the good news for you is that all month long in November, you’ll earn $150* for every Vivint customer referred!

A smart home has features that can help you prepare for the winter months.

Schedule your outdoor lighting. Winter means fewer daylight hours. Use Vivint’s smart lighting to schedule your porch lights and other outdoor lighting to turn on earlier in the evening.

Check the weather before you get out of bed. The weatherman isn’t always accurate, but your outdoor cameras are. Put your weatherproof Vivint Outdoor Cameras to good use by checking them from your smartphone in the morning.

Prevent flood damage. As moisture freezes, thaws, and freezes again, it sets the perfect conditions for potential flooding. A Vivint flood sensor in parts of your home susceptible to flooding can alert you to potential problems before they become disasters.

A little preparation goes a long way to keep your home running smoothly during the cold weather months. With these tips, and some help from your smart home, you can keep your home cozy and safe from the inside out all winter long!

*Customer must be installed by 12/10. Only Video Packages or higher are eligible. See November bonus documents for details.