Everything you need to know to refer customers to XOOM Energy! 

XOOM Energy wants to help you power the way you build your business. When you apply the best practices for referring energy customers you can ensure you are equipped with all the knowledge and understanding you need to properly grow your business.

XOOM Energy believes strongly in integrity and compliance and is dedicated to working together to create an environment of complete compliance and understanding. Please check out these 5 important compliance-specific things to remember when referring customers to XOOM Energy.

  1. When referring customers to XOOM Energy, only use the marketing materials provided by XOOM Energy, through ACN. Do not create your own materials, including, but not limited to advertisements, flyers, videos, and websites.
  2. Never use the XOOM Energy logo or any utility’s logo in the promotion of your business.
  3. It’s never appropriate to enter an enrollment on behalf of a customer
  4. When referring customers, stick to your warm market, like friends, family, and co-workers.  Door-to-door sales, online advertising, telemarketing, or cold calling sales are never allowed
  5. Never guarantee a customer will save money by switching to XOOM Energy. Instead, highlight the fact that XOOM Energy always strives to offer a variety of plans, giving customers more options. You should also never try to incentivize your potential customer to enroll by offering them gift cards or cash.


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