Fall has arrived, and for customers on a variable month-to-month plan,
now may be the time to consider switching to a fixed price plan

Fall has arrived, and the temperatures outside are cooling down. While enjoying the cool temperatures, we should prepare for the Winter ahead. For your customers on a variable month-to-month plan, now may be the time to discuss switching to a fixed-price energy plan.

XOOM Energy offers a variety of fixed plans for every budget and lifestyle. When customers switch to a fixed price plan they can:

  • Lock in a fixed price for the duration of their plan
  • Enjoy pricing stability no matter what happens with the weather
  • Protect themselves from the uncertainty that you’ve come to expect with their energy bills

For your customers that have questions about the difference between a variable price plan and a fixed-price plan with XOOM Energy:

Month-to-Month Variable Price Plan- With a variable price plan, your monthly price may fluctuate each month. Variable price contracts have month-to-month terms, so there are no fees for terminating the contract, providing the flexibility you need with an energy plan.

Fixed Price Plan- A fixed-price electricity plan allows you to pay the same electricity price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for the length of the plan, which gives you the peace of mind of price certainty. This plan normally involves a contract for the length of your choice and can vary in length. Ending a fixed-price plan contact before expiration may require an early termination fee.

Customers can upgrade to a fixed price plan by visiting https://xoomenergy.com/en/upgrade/select. To upgrade, your customers will need the email address associated with their account and their account number.

*Please be aware if you choose to upgrade to a fixed-price plan with XOOM Energy and your current month-to-month variable price plan includes an incentive program such as SimpleFlex Airline Rewards, SimpleFlex Cash Back or XOOM Rewards, you will no longer be eligible to earn those rewards with a fixed-price plan. You will retain the rewards you have earned prior to upgrading your plan.