Product Overview

We have officially launched Fluent to ACN IBOs. Now, IBOs can enjoy the amazing features of a Fluent Smart Home Security System! To order your Fluent Smart Home Security System, visit the Fluent page on ACN.com for Fluent’s ACN dedicated phone number and activation details! 

Click here to access the ACN Fluent Page.

During the IBO launch period, IBOs are able to order Fluent Smart Home Security products for themselves and can learn as much as possible about this exciting new service by attending product training webinars, engaging in ACN’s IBO Community and reviewing all of the available materials here on ACN Compass. Once Fluent is available to customers, you will be able to showcase this service through your personal IBO storefront.

Fluent provides state-of-the-art home security, technology, energy management, convenience, and mobile applications to protect homes and families. Fluent’s home security systems keep your loved ones safe by monitoring the activity of all doors and windows and will remind you to lock your doors and set your security system before going to bed or leaving home.