Exciting Changes Are Coming for Flash Services and ACN Customers Across North America! 

We are streamlining our customers’ online account management experience (with a new My Account!), improving email communications (in both content and design), making changes to our customers’ monthly invoices, and more! To prepare for this, there are several changes that will impact new and existing customers.


Important Timeframes Associated with Key Changes:

November 22 – December 1, 2021

New Customers
Flash Services will continue to accept new customer orders. There will be small delays to service activation and device shipment. Customers will continue to receive emails and text messages to provide order status information. As always, internet installation dates selected during order entry are tentative. Confirmation of actual installation dates will be sent via email/SMS.
To prepare for the new version of My Account, customers will now enter an email address and password during order entry. This information will be used as their new login credentials for My Account. (Once My Account is available {Dec. 5}, customers will be able to log in using their email address and password.) IMPORTANT! Each account must use a unique email address for My Account.

Existing Customers 
Customers will continue to have access to the current version of My Account to update payment information, manage their Auto-Pay, and view account-related information.
Account and service changes will be limited. As an example, internet speed changes, the addition of new services, and other account-related functions will not be available. All existing Flash Services/ACN customers will be notified of these changes through email and messaging within My Account.


December 2 – December 4, 2021

New Customers
Flash Services will continue to accept new customer orders. No delays in service activation or shipping.

Existing Customers
Customers will not be able to log in to My Account. No changes to existing services are permitted during this time.

There will be no impacts to new customer acquisition or IBO qualifications!


The New Flash Services My Account is coming December 5, 2021! 

Stay tuned for more information. We’ll be communicating with you and your customers along the way.