December Kickstart Bonus

NEW December Kickstart Bonus

New IBOs with a start date in December who reach ETL in their first 30 Days will receive a BONUS of $425. This bonus is in addition to the $75 personal customer bonus earned for acquiring 3 services and 7 points, for a minimum total of $500 in their first month.

And there’s even more potential for New IBOs to earn and get off to a Fast Start in ACN.

NEW December Bonus Kickstart Potential

New IBOs with a start date in December who personally acquire more customers in their first 30 days and earn higher personal customer bonuses when combined with the December Kickstart Bonus can earn:

NEW December
Kickstart Bonus
+ Monthly Personal
Customer Bonus Earned
Total Bonus Earned


At least 3 service & 7 points $75 $500
At least 5 service & 10 points $200 $625
At least 8 service & 16 points $400 $825
At least 11 service & 22 points $600 $1,025