If you’re like most people, you use your devices for everything from travel reservations and appointment scheduling to continuing education, remote working, filing taxes, banking, e-signing important documents … the list goes on! This leaves your most sensitive data accessible over the internet, increasing your risk of being the victim of cybercrime and identity theft.  

By subscribing to IDSeal Titan, you will be protected with 15 industry-leading features to protect you from cybercriminals who are looking for opportunities to steal and capitalize on your private information.  


Encrypted Documents Vault
Just one of our 15 features and lines of defense is our Encrypted Documents Vault, which stores, encrypts and masks your most sensitive documents and safeguards them in one secured location, so you can be confident that your documents are protected against hackers and cybercriminals.  


2TB Cloud Backup
Another great feature of IDSeal Titan is our 2TB Cloud Backup. Your data is important to us. You can be certain that you can recover and access your important data on a secure remote server and restore data to an original location or another device.   


Subscribe to IDSeal Titan to take the proactive approach to protecting your information.