With 5G capabilities, TELUS is building on their award-winning network to bring customers better speeds, capacity, and responsiveness. TELUS 5G will power the economy and make lives easier, safer, and healthier through increased speeds, reliability, and capacity. 

What is 5G

5G is the ‘fifth generation’ of cellular network technology and mobile internet. TELUS 5G will unlock incredible transformation for consumers and businesses, from smart homes and connected vehicles to building automation and security.

TELUS 5G will provide customers with: 

Speed – 5G will deliver connection speeds up to 100 times faster in the future.

Capacity – 5G will eventually support up to one million devices per square kilometer in a growing number of markets.

High responsiveness – 5G will bring near-instantaneous responsiveness over time. This will enable applications such as remote surgery, autonomous cars, and more.

Where is TELUS 5G available

TELUS 5G is available in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, and more, providing superior coverage in urban centers. We continue to expand our 5G coverage, with future plans to cover rural Canada as our 5G technology evolves.